Image0055Here at SK Excel Dental, we are proud to offer Fastbraces® for our patients.

Many people want to quickly get a smile of which they can be proud. Taking months and years to get a good smile just seems like too long. Luckily for you, we offer Fastbraces®.

Fastbraces® are among the latest technological advances in orthodontic solutions. They are fast, safe, and affordable so that you can have a better-looking smile within three to six months.

Fastbraces® are different because they use patented triangular brackets to help move your teeth to where they need to be. The brackets move the crown and the root at the same time, instead of moving one and then the other like traditional braces do. Traditional braces not only take longer but also can be more uncomfortable for the patient.

Fastbraces® use a different wire than traditional braces. The wire can be tightened with heat so that it continues to move your teeth even as they start shifting.

By using Fastbraces® technology, we can offer results quickly. It can take a few years to see results with traditional braces, but many of our patients with Fastbraces® see them within a few weeks. Full results can take three months to a year.

After we remove Fastbraces®, you will still need to wear a retainer, though you won’t have to wear it very long or often. Even just twenty minutes a day will help to keep your teeth right where they need to be!

Fastbraces® are not for everyone, so it is important to schedule an examination in our office. At that time, we can determine what the best treatment would be for your mouth.
If you have any questions about Fastbraces®, don’t hesitate to contact us today.